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Detailed Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers Profile

Paesanella manufactures high quality dairy cheese products in the Italian fresh cheese category of the dairy market. A unique Italian style fresh cheese making formula that has been passed on and perfected within the family for over 300 years.
Established as a business in 1962 by Mr. Umberto Somma but has made cheese in Australia since 1959.
Our factory is located at 27 Gerald Street, Marrickville, New South Wales, 2204 Australia.
We are a small privately owned and family run fresh cheese manufacturing company.
We provide numerous cheese products for purchase in Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets.
"Paesanella" is the Italian word that means "Country peasant girl".
Our business philosophy is based around developing long term relationships with clients and suppliers. Paesanella is driven by the success of our clients as this ensures our own success. Predominantly our successful customers are distributors supplying to the premiere restaurants, leading delicatessens and airlines.
We have a vision to build a reputation for a traditional Italian style cheese made of the highest quality and nutritionally natural products along with our goal to ultimately be the number one fresh cheese manufacturer in Australia. Numerous dairy industry awards that have been won attest to and prove this vision and commitment.
Our expertise and know how has lead to major awards for the products that have culminated in winning the prestigious Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show "Champion Cheese of the Show - 2003" as well as the "Champion Fancy Cheese - 2003.
We are able to project manage the production of our existing and new cheese developments and the related products at our current factory location in Marrickville.
We have a current staff level of 12 employees.
The small size makes us flexible and responsive in satisfying our client's needs for the fresh cheese products. As well as take care of the design and development of our own cheeses.
We are involved in the on-selling of hard cheeses that are supplied to us from other manufacturers. Paesanella has a network of suppliers to enable the outsourcing of our hard cheese products.
We have a number of cheese products that we market. These include:

Baked Ricotta Dry Ricotta
Bocconcini Fior Di Latte
Buffalo Mozzarella Fresco (Fresh Pecorino style)
Buffalo Ricotta Fresh Fior Di Latte
Burrata Fresh Ricotta
Caciotta Mascarpone
Caciotta with Rocket & Chilli Smoked Fior Di Latte
Cherry Bocconcini Stracchino

Paesanella's skills lie in the traditional Italian approach to cheese manufacture yet integrating modern day technology to create efficiencies of new and existing products. This is essentially a R&D and manufacturing strength.
SafeFoods NSW HACCP accredited and health standards compliant.
Our culture is one of professionalism where internal and external customer ideas and opinions are valued in a relaxed professional approach.

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