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Buffalo Mozzarella

Treat yourself to the taste of the true Mozzarella eaten in Italy and now made in Australia to the traditional Italian Neapolitan formula that Paesanella Cheese follows using Australian buffalo milk.

Being made using buffalo milk provides the healthier benefits that the buffalo mozzarella cheese has of being higher in calcium, higher in protein and lower in cholesterol.

The characteristics buffalo mozzarella exhibits is a semi-soft elastic texture, a thin edible rind, pearly white in colour and suspended in brine stretched curd cheese. When cut, buffalo mozzarella naturally oozes whey and this natural whey ooze complements the delicate flavours of the cheese.

For best results, allow the Buffalo Mozzarella to rest for half an hour at room temperature before serving.

Buffalo Mozzarella goes well for the preparation of anti-pasta dishes, with salads, pizza's, calzone's, foccacia's and various side dishes to complement mains.

    Milk Type Used Buffalo
    Average Moisture Content 73.0 g / 100 g
    Energy 1242 kJ / 100 g
    Protein 16.4 g
    Total Fat 25.8 g
    Saturated Fat 16.0 g
    Carbohydrate <0.5 g
    Sugars <0.5 g
    Sodium 270 g
    Ingredients Pasteurised Buffalo Milk (80% Curd), Pasteurised Cow Milk (20% Curd),
Rennet (Non Animal), Food Acid (330), Salt.
    Cheese Style Stretched curd
    Best Season(s)/Availability All year
    Maturation Time Nil
    Optimum Age (Consumption) 14 days
    Appearance 110 g ball in brine
    Form/Packsize Available in 110 g single serves or 1 kg buckets
    Texture/Colour Glossy bright white in colour with a soft elastic texture
    Taste Description Sweet milkiness with strong hints of salt
    Storage Store and refrigerate between 1° and 4° Celsius
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